Human Tree EP

by Mist Giant

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Copyright Velvet Blue Music / Silent R Records (2011)

Recorded at Ape Room Studios, San Francisco, CA.


released April 1, 2011

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Mist Giant.

Mastered by Bruce Leighton at Datastream Studios, San Francisco, CA.




Mist Giant San Francisco, California

Mist Giant is from San Francisco.

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Track Name: what with
you don't seem the lonely type what with all those rubbed out club stamps on your wrists. you proved your age so say what you like. find yourself some body tonight. buy the ticket, take the ride, isn't that right?

human tree, your branches seem in need. you, you're between the answers and the deed.

promise i will mourn you when you pass. until the torpor takes me down at last. we had such nights that morning collapsed and bound us there with nothing to ask but why it went so fast. why such a flash? honesty to goodness i don't know where the heart is apart from this pirate's gold. promiscuity pushes us from home, and when again home it's there at arms length, this bare and tarnished hoax.
Track Name: empty archipeg
oh, my goodness, i've been observed by the righteous god of a billion births. oh, man, i just hope i get there first.

after all the slightness i'm right where i belong. looking after my sins you will likely find your own. rough shod in the night winds but one more hour finds me home. sick, but once the trip's begun there is nothing for it but to go.

oh, we hope we know, though we don't.

my motives are garbage, and so suspect that it'd be hard to miss them. aisle after aisle of no substance and all i feel is jealousy. empty archipelago. hope i notice the harbingers in time. panic at the checkout counter. smile if you're one for smiling but all i feel is jealousy. give me what you've got.
Track Name: some ophelia
darling, you've got eyes to make pride shy. these weak arms of mine, they would hold on to you for dear life. all my constellated archetypes i've given names like "hesitance the toothless dog" and "amorous the constant flier of kites".

oh, you make me high. and oh, then you coax me out. no, don't forsake me now, though it may be what i want.

rehearse faces in my mirror. reach in for the real worth of shear nerves, and she will serve as the dream person. i feel love, real love (it's just not for anyone) as i build up myths of some ophelia only i can make whole.